Fish We Catch


Mahi Mahi are voracious feeders with great speed and quickness. They are long, flat, streamlined, and powerful. Mahi Mahi will frequently jump out of the water when feeding or if they’re hooked. They are called dolphin in some parts of the world because they like to jump out of the water when chasing bait, similar to the mammal dolphin. They often swim in schools and have an average size of 20lbs.

Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin are an exciting fish to catch! A lot of times the come in small schools or packs. So it’s common to have multiple Striped Marlin hooked up at the same time. At an average size of 60lbs, they provide ample fight as well as some awesome acrobatics.


Black Marlin are the hardest fighting fish in the sea. Their size, strength and agility are unmatched. Unfortunately for us, they are extremely rare in Hawaiian Waters. If you get the chance to fight one you will know what we mean. Their average size is 300lbs.


These smaller members of the Marlin family are known for their awesome leaps and turns while jumping out of the water.


The Hebi is one of the most sought after billfish in the world due to its rarity. In Hawaii, at times, we see a good amount of them. The Hebi are known to take to the air after being hooked. They have a long slender body and have an average weight of 25 lbs.


Aku are pound for pound the strongest fighters in the ocean. Shaped like footballs, they are almost all muscle and have an average weight of 5 lbs. Aku are known for their strong downward runs and they always come in schools.


Ono are the second fastest fish in the sea and they are capable of swimming over 45mph! This makes for a great fight when you hook into one. They are long, tubular and built for speed with razor-sharp teeth. Sometimes they jump when feeding and almost always run down when hooked. Ono often school and their average size is 20lbs.


Kawa Kawa are a type of tuna that we usually find in shallow water (under 600’). They are often mistaken for Skipjack Tuna due to similar coloring. They too are shaped like footballs and can make strong downward runs. The average size is 5 lbs. for the Kawa Kawa.


Ahi are the most sought after fish in Hawaiian waters. They are built like footballs and sometimes giant footballs made for speed. They are also eating machines growing to full adult size in 5-6 years. Ahi are known for hard runs and long fights. In Hawaii, a Yellowfin is considered an Ahi after reaching a weight of 100 lbs. and it is called a Shibi if it is under 100 lbs. Ahi sometimes travel in schools while the Shibi are always found in schools.